Want to get some free photos of you climbing this summer?

Don't mind a stranger tagging along? 

Sounds like you've come to the right place!

Things To know

Before booking


why do I need a booking?

By booking a session, you guarantee a spot on my calendar. I want these photoshoots to be as inclusive as possible, and this way everyone gets a spot. 

 how do I book?

1. Check the calendar 

2. fill out the booking form

How do bookings work?

  •  Once you've received the confirmation email, you are all set!

  • There are no cancellation fees, so I rely on you to show up on time. Nobody likes to be stood up, especially if I commute to the crag on purpose to take photos of you. 

  •  If you would like a reminder, please include your phone number on the booking form. I'll text you a reminder the day before.  

  • Bookings are weather-dependent, so we can re-schedule if needed. If you want to re-schedule for another reason, please give me 24h notice so someone else can use your spot. If you re-schedule or cancel too many times, I'll politely refuse to continue to re-schedule your session. 


why am I doing this?

Simply put, practice makes perfect. I’m not the best climber, so I don’t always get to see the cool spots where the cool kids go. By offering free photoshoots, I get the opportunity of meeting tons of new people and discover new locations. Not everyone is an athlete or a social media influencer, and you might not get the chance to have someone take pictures of you and your friends having fun.

Since I’m not a professional photographer, I’ll ask for your patience, help with the ropes, and most important of all, to have fun together. Don’t expect a million photos, as I can’t guarantee what will come out at the end of the day. This project is a way for me to practice and refine my craft but also an opportunity for you to have photos that you can hang on your wall (physical or online). 

How do I get my photos? 

  • 72h after the photoshoot, you'll receive a link with the photos to the email you provided in the booking form. The downloadable link will only be active for a week; you will have to email me to get a new link after that one week. 

  • The photos will be in a resolution that works for social media or small print only. If you want a bigger size, please email me. 


I'm based in Whistler but can commute to most locations in Squamish.

I want to see as many places as possible so if you have a location in mind that is not in this map feel free to suggest it in the comments box. 


  • All day sessions are between 5h and 7h depending on the location. That includes commuting to the crag and getting set up.

  • Half day sessions are maximum 4h. Only Nordic can be half day. 

group size

Please keep the climbing party to 4 people. Any group bigger than that would not leave enough time to do the climbs and have each member photographed. 



Before booking 

check the calendar

Please note:
All the bookings in green are fully booked dates.
Days marked in red are not available for booking. 

If your only day off is marked as not available, please get in
touch to see if we can find a date that works for you. 

* NA = Not available 

* Fully booked dates


What people say

"Working with you was awesome, you did such a good job making me feel at ease and keeping me with a huge smile the whole time. You made me forget that you were taking photos and to just be in the moment."

— Mark Irvine

Booking Form

To book a session, please take the time to fill out the information below.