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Originally from Barcelona, I've lived in Whistler for the past four years after moving from London, Uk. There I worked as a camera assistant for over three years. Working in the competitive and high-pressure environment of the British film industry taught me to be focused, adaptable, and a quick learner. I was required to solve problems in high-stress environments, frequently working extremely long workdays and demanding deadlines. I loved my job in the film industry, but I had the opportunity to move to Canada and my love for the outdoors decided for me. Since then, I've worked as a freelance photographer and audiovisual technician, but I'm still trying to find a job that better suits all my skills with the bonus of the outdoors and mountain life activities. If this sounds like your company, feel free to get in touch so we can work together.


Below is a selection of job roles and credits from my past film experience. For full credit list click here or visit my IMDB

Fantastic Beast: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Nov 19, 2017 → Dec 8, 2017

Black Mirror (S4) - Black Museum
May 15, 2017 → June 7, 2017

Blue Iguana

July 11, 2016 → Aug 22 2016

Oct 27, 2016 → Oct 31, 2016

Feb 11, 2017→ Feb 12, 2017


The Video Trainee is in charge of setting up the video feed for the Video Operator, Director's Monitor, Video Village and Producers monitors. Standby on set for any changes needed by the video department. 

The Camera trainee is in charge of making the camera team run smoothly. From charging batteries to setting up monitors and making coffees, your role is about anticipating your teammate's needs and delivering them quickly and efficiently. For this specific job, I had the opportunity to travel with the crew to my home country and work as a translator as well as an assistant. Trainees don't usually get to travel, but the Operator and Focus Puller requested I travel with them!

This is still my favourite job to date. It was my first feature as 2nd Camera Assistant, and I had three different camera teams to look after. As a 2nd, you look after the Focus Puller and Operator/DP's needs and train the Camera Trainee. You take notes of all that's being recorded and pass or compare notes with the DIT and the Script supervisor to ensure you are all on the same page. 


Below is my most recent jobs in the last couple of years. Please note that due to the pandemic and visa restrictions, I wasn't allowed to work for most of 2020 & 2021 so I focused on personal projects and my dream of learning to draw. 

Photo Editor | Studio Photographer
Grade VII Equipment

Aug, 2022 → Nov, 2022


Audiovisual Technician

Encore (Formally PSAV)
Nov 02, 2018 → Present

Community Manager

Jits Chicks

March, 2022 → Present

Admin & Marketing Assistant 

Mountain Jiu Jitsu Pemberton

April, 2022 → Present

I started doing Jiu Jitsu last year after signing up for a Self Defense course the Howe Sound Women's Centre had organised. I quickly became obsessed with the sport and slowly became more involved with all the aspects of their business. I now work for them part-time helping organise administrative tasks. 

Jits Chicks is a Self Defense and Jiu Jitsu space for Women created by Coach Jo from Mountain Jiu Jitsu and myself. I take care of all the social media, graphics, and imagery needed to run the business. For more examples visit our Instagram or website.

Last summer, I worked with my favourite Climbing photographer Alex Eggermont in a small start-up company as his main photo editor. The workload for the next product launch had Alex so busy with video content that I took over the photography side of things and developed the studio to take product shots for the website. Unfortunately, the company hasn't been able to launch the products, so I'm unable to display all the work I did for them here. 

A technician is in charge of setting up, operating and striking the equipment for the event. A bast knowledge of different equipment (old & new) is required, as well as good physic to be able to carry and install the equipment in the venues. This role has helped me widen my knowledge outside of camera equipment, and I can now operate video and sound desks comfortably. 


Here's a mix of things I've learn in the past that can benefit you from hiring me. 

Foreign Languages

Software Skills


Bike Tech at Comor Go Play Outside
Summer, 2018 & 2019

Spanish & Catalan → Native Speaker
English → Fluent

Italian & French → Basic conversation, Intermediate listening
Korean → Informal speaking Intermediate, Formal speaking basic 

Photoshop CC → Advance

Lightroom Classic → Advance

Premiere & Final Cut Pro → Basic skills, just a bit outdated.

Procreate & Illustrator → Intermediate 

Notion Platform

I worked at the Comor store in Whistler for two summers after graduating from the Whistler Adventure School Bike Mechanics course. I'd have loved to continue working there the last two summers, but visa restrictions didn't allow it. I've tried to keep the skills alive by working on friends' bikes and my own. I only started biking when I moved to Whistler 4 years ago, but I can say that working on bikes it's one of my favourite skills I've been fortunate to learn.

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