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When the pandemic first hit Whistler, my job was one of the first ones to go. I found myself with unlimited time to pursue the things I always wanted to do, so I started painting. I've spent the past year mostly unemployed – partly due to visa restrictions – so I dedicated most of my free time investing in myself and building a new career. Over the last year, I've also done multiple online courses and countless hours of practice to develop my skill set. I might not have the qualifications you expected but I have the skills to get the job done. 


software skills

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Work experience

Community manager

Freelance, Jits Chicks, Whistler 2022 - Currently

Jits Chicks

Personal Projects

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Exhibit, Pemberton Arts Council, Whistler 2021

Hand-made postcard mailed to Pemberton Art Council for their 'Stronger Together' Exhibit. Made with watercolour and a hand-carved stamp protesting over the old-growth logging. The exhibit can be seen in Pemberton Art Council.

Customs, It's 1958, Whistler 2020-2021

Custom-made drawings for my friends and family on their birthdays. I wanted a challenge with fixed deadlines that I could try to make on time while drawing things that I would not normally draw. 

Customs, It's 1958, Whistler 2021

Custom ABC name books. The client chooses the name and I deliver a custom book with hybrid animals made with Procreate. 

Customs, It's 1958, Whistler 2020

Custom bookmarks for all the book lovers out there. I made a series for all the employees at the Whistler Library for Thanksgiving, and have been commissioned a couple of times to made batches for other groups.

Bookings required, It's 1958, Squamish Summer 2021

Simply put, practice makes perfect. I wanted to improve my climbing photography skills so by offering free photoshoots, I got the opportunity of meeting tons of new people and discover new locations. Click on the title to find out more. 

Exhibition, Arts Whistler, Whistler 2021

First time participating in an art exhibit. I wrote a whole blog about it. Click on the title to read the full blog. 

Commission, It's 1958, Whistler 2021

Custom watercolour painting on a 30x36 canvas. 

Commissions, It's 1958, Whistler 2021

Colourful hand-painted frames made to order with custom watercolour paintings.


Work experience

Audiovisual Technician

Full -Time, Encore (Former PSAV), Whistler 2018 - Currently

As a technician, I am responsible for the setup and operation of audio-visual systems in a hospitality environment, while ensuring complete customer satisfaction. I have a high technical knowledge and the ability to troubleshoot and problem solve equipment and software issues. 


Work experience

Audiovisual Technician

Part-Time, PSAV, Whistler 2018-2019

As a technician, I am responsible for the setup and operation of audio-visual systems in a hospitality environment, while ensuring complete customer satisfaction. I have a high technical knowledge and the ability to troubleshoot and problem solve equipment and software issues. 

host & Busser

Part-Time, Nagomi Sushi, Whislter 2018

The first job I got when I first arrived in Whistler.  To this day, the best sushi I've ever had!

Coast mountain photographer

Full time, Coast Mountain Photography, Whister 2018-2019

Working on the mountain was an experience on its own. It was my first winter season in whistler so I dived deep and spent every day in the mountain. It taught me resilience, perseverance and people skills as it was mostly a sales job. Working with my camera in different weather situations made me think on my feet and be aware of my surroundings. An experience of a lifetime! 

junior bike Tech

Part-Time, Comor Go play outside, Whislter 2018-2019

Co-op Apprenticeship from the bike mechanics course at Whistler Adventure School. I was able to maintain all the skills learned on the job and learn some new. I was hired again in the summer of 2019  to continue my growth as a bike mechanic. I was unable to join them again during the 2020-21 summer due to Visa restrictions.


UK Experience

Camera Trainee

Freelance, British Film Industry – London, UK – 2015 - 2016

The trainee role in the camera department is where I learned the wide range of skills necessary to help a team run smoothly during a shoot. Familiarisation with evolving technologies and facilitating communication between departments meant that I quickly developed transferable people skills. Maintaining and caring for the equipment was also a big part of the role requiring me to be practical and to work with my hands. 

Production Technician

Temporary Cover, Greenwich University – London, UK – 2015

Working in the technical support department for the students at this university, I developed problem solving skills for hardware and software, as well as administrative skills from using the equipment lending software.

Production Assistant

Freelance, Inside Job Productions – London, UK – 2014 - 2016

Independent film production company that hired me to assist the camera team during the filming process. A mixture of flexibility and adaptability to the environment were the skills I used most, followed by problem solving and resourcefulness skills. 

Social Media Content Creator

Freelance, Learn To Uke – London, UK – 2013 - 2015

Organizing and creating new posts for their social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube) with a variety of photography (made during the lessons and events) and video tutorials (made at Learn to Uke headquarters). 

Camera Assistant

Freelance, British Film Industry – London, UK – 2017-2018

Working as part of the camera department requires high levels of organizational and technical skills to ensure the smooth functioning of the team. Constant team changes due to the freelance nature of the job required me to develop highly flexible and adaptable people skills. Preparation for a shoot is key, as is constantly learning from other senior team members. Please refer to my IMDb page for further details on my experience.

video Editor

Freelance, London Business Coaching – London, UK – 2015 - 2017

A business that required promotional videos to be edited for their website. Working with deadlines as well as direct communication with their Marketing Director, strengthened my people skills and further developed my video editing skills.


Freelance, Anders Electronics – London, UK – 2015 

The creation of online content for their social media platforms, in the form of product videos, required a mixture of technical knowledge, creativity and collaboration skills.

event photographer

Freelance, Spread The Word – London, UK – 2014-2016

A promotional company for writers who organize events quarterly, to present new books and winners of their competitions. Photographing these events required technical photography knowledge as well as flexibility due to the varied event locations.

Production Assistant

Freelance, Web Video Pro – London, UK – 2013-2016

Independent production company that required another team member to assist in all parts of the production of their online content. Tasks varied depending on the project, requiring mixed skills such as video editing, photo editing and organizational skills.


Cinematography Course

ESCAC ( Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuales de Catalunya), Certificate - Barcelona 2011 

Theory and practical use of cameras such as Red One, Panasonic P2 for digital and Arri cameras of 35mm for analogue filming.

photography & Film Development

IES LA MERCE, Certificate - Barcelona 2008-2009

In-depth theory and practical lessons in Photography (analogue & digital)

Whistler Adventure School

Retail and Manufacturing, Diploma - Whistler 2018

Course to learn about Bike mechanics, Business development, Boot fitting, Snowboard tuning and Snowboard manufacturing.

Film & Photography

EMAV (Escola de Mitjans Audiovisuals), Diploma - Barcelona 2009-2011

Theory and practical lessons in Photography (analogue & digital), Cinema (analogue & digital) and Television (in studio).

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